AR / LA / MS / OK / PR / TN / TX

Regional Leader: Léo Lee

K White, A familiarly indeterminate existence found in this legendary, alien place, (9″ x 12″), 2021
S White, empty/lot (9″ x 12″), 2021
Kathleen O’Connell, The year we dealt with grief, or not; the year some people noticed some problems, or not. May we learn from our mistakes, may we do the work to create great change. (9″ x 12″), 2021
C March, ? (9″ x 12″), 2021
Heather Ryan Kelly, I But thasar, at Random (9″ x 12″), 2021
K White, Gomitaku (9″ x 12″), 2021
Frank Hamrick, Tributaries (9″ x 12″), 2021

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